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Stage 12 Green Screen

Stage 12 Green Screen

Description of Stage 12 Green Screen

50'W x 83'D x 20'H — 4,399 sqft

Note: Dimensions are for overall stage size and do not take into account stage irregularities.
Production Company representatives should verify dimensions for particular applications.

Dedicated Green Screen Stage

3-wall, hard cove cyc

Rosco chroma key green

Pre-lit with 6KW space lights Drive-in capable

20 tons of silent air conditioning

2,400 amps of AC power

Adjacent optional support complex, including 2 star dressing rooms and 2 dressing rooms

Available support includes: additional dressing rooms, green rooms, hair and make-up rooms, wardrobe rooms, special event spaces, conference rooms, and production offices

At Sunset Las Palmas Studios, you’re not just renting an empty stage. We’ll work with you on all aspects of the production process to ensure the success of your commercial, television, or feature film project.

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